12.08Inspired by Guillemots, who when they are small all stand nervously around on the edge of cliffs daring each other to be the first to jump; and when one finally does, the whole colony gets super excited and jumps after them. ^_^


11.08So today I learned that when I grow up I am going to be a unicorn delivering chocolates to sad people, which sounds pretty much perfect, so …hooray!

Also, just in case anyone was trying to find any higher meaning in yesterday’s doodle: there wasn’t any really, sorry! It does have an explanation if you want one: it had turned out that the Snail of previousdoodle fame, which I had drawn on request, is actually a friend of mine (he is generally quite human-seeming when he is with me so I didn’t know this at the time). So I learned of his snaildom, and then we were talking, and he told me some very exciting things about the philosophy of wealth which he had discovered while walking a dog down a cul-de-sac;  but my mind sort of stalled at ‘snail + dog’ and refused to move on, and a doodle happened.

I may be a unicorn some day but I am unlikely to become an economist.