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Hello and happy Monday! Here are some actualdoodles and also me and my colouring stall at the shop – I’ve added more coloured pictures to the board which makes it look a bit brighter but that’s pretty much it. The gallery is having us for an extra two weeks though so I am thinking of having some cards made from my favourite doodles – OH if I did, I don’t suppose anyone has any that they remember and think I should use? I mean otherwise I’ll just do 150 of Hildegard of Bingen riding a Plesiosaur because I have no idea why but it just fills that aching void in my soul…

Aaanyway about the actualdoodles, if you look on the bottom right of the top doodle, apart from the fact that I *want* strawberry Christmas to be a thing now, you might poooossibly notice that the ends of the girls hair and the whateveritis on her jumper are actually the inside of a monster’s mouth, from a doodle I posted a while back. I’d torn out a piece of paper (on the left side of this picture; the left corner of this picture was actually already on a previous doodle) to make a note about something. So if the edges look weirdly familiar, well done on your exquisite visual memory, I am in awe and also abject fear of you!

Oh and on the second doodle the scary insectmonsterthing was originally a scuba-diving cat but I have discovered that cats wearing scuba masks look very wrong, at least when I draw them.

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