So after a somewhat frantic weekend today is my last day finishing off my colouring book! I am so excited, it’s the first thing of mine anyone outside of family/you lovely people are going to see and it’s going to the printer’s tomorrow! It’s going to be part of a little exhibition in this lovely shop right by the beach, hiding among the work of actual real artists and everything! My entire brain has turned into an exclamation mark!

I’m not sure about having the cover in black and white; I thought it would be nice to be able to colour in the cover as well (since it’s not really a very big book!), but it’s looking a bit anaemic now. Admittedly I have reached the stage where I can only see the flaws and have mentally redrawn at least three quarters of my material and don’t start about the layout of this page and-, so… But anyway, it’s just the first run, and… Book! Look! Book!


27 thoughts on “Book!!

    1. Wait, what really? Wow, thank you! Um, I was thinking of setting up an Etsy shop or something, eventually. I suppose I could send you one if we emailed or something? O.O

      You have rather made my day with that comment, anyway!!


      1. Well, I am serious. My daughter in law loves to color, and I like to give her gifts of things to color. Your work is unique and humorous and I am sure she would enjoy it. And, I’d just like one for myself. I don’t color, I just like to have books that I like!. So, when you decide what to do, put me on your list for information:

        And I am sure I am not the only one. Just saying.


    1. Hello there! It’s not at the Fishing gallery any more I’m afraid, but the amazing City Books in Hove/Western Road (no.23) are still selling it. If you don’t know City Books, it’s the largest independent bookshop in Brighton & Hove, and they’re absolutely lovely so you should definitely check them out if you like books at all; website here: . πŸ™‚


      1. Hi – I’m after 3 copies do you still have any for sale? Ideal for my Brighton wedding! Pls email me if possible.


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