Ice Man

5.04So there’s this actual real life dude who calls himself the ice man and who is planning to conquer the world via cold showers and hyperventilation, it’s awesome! He doesn’t actually have snowminions yet, or at least none that he’s admitting to, but he has the making of a decent supervillain; he seems pretty charismatic and apparently he can teach you voluntary control of your immune system (from a limited study but hey, impressive) plus generally making you strong and scary. He clearly has devotees already so animated snow monsters are really just a matter of time.

(If you’re interested, google Wim Hof -fabulous name, isn’t it? And contrary to my rather slapdash tribute, he does have fingers. And toes.)





3 thoughts on “Ice Man

  1. This sounds like a lot of work just to conquer the world?!?

    But getting some snow minions while you are doing it, well, that is just great.! I love your drawing of this guy – he looks quite determined.

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