Volcanoes in love

Soooo this is a (late) tribute to the adorable Pixar-Volcanoes-in-Love story – if you haven’t seen it, you should!   It’s incredibly cute and the idea of a volcano looking for “someone to laaaav-a” is just …*perfect* . Well done, Pixar! ^___^

I do have one niggle however, which is that they create an adorable volcano character that looks like a volcano and then  make a love interest that does not; she, and it is definitely a she, is more humanoid, looks younger,  has long hair and a dress cos that’s how you know it is a female and just *yawn*.

So, with love to Pixar, I present:  two other volcanoes in love! They’re not hugely demonstrative, but then, they’re volcanoes.


I admit the Pixar ones are much cuter!!

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