IMG_0002I think this is rather a good question. I would also like to point out that when I referred to tinysaur as ‘he’ yesterday, this was meant strictly in the sense of masculine neutral, I have no idea how sex or gender works with tinysaurs and I imagine it’s unlikely they will tell me.

Tiny tales, continued

IMG_0001I wonder how he’s getting the concept of ‘sun’ across to creatures who have never left the insides of a frog. Or ‘frog’, for that matter.

As for ‘honey-stealing tyrannosaurus’… at that point they’re just nodding politely, I suspect.

Meanwhile, inside a frog

IMGThis is the bit of the landing before tinysaur realises he has two more legs and a rather heavy tail and has to sort of scrunch into the balcony half on top of his own head. Tinysaurs need to land on four legs, really, or not at all.