So I thought I’d make a cover for my friend’s kindle. The brief was something minimalist with muted colours, maybe interestingly textured yarn…

At least it fits?

To be fair, he also claims to like the granny jumper!


I have permission to admit that this doodle was inspired by a friend who farts *a lot* when having eaten too many peanuts. Ah, divine muse, how you bless us!


This is a love toad it is filled with love but also with embarrassement as most toads express their love more discretely. You go love toad!


I’m told by Reliable Sources that this creature looks Horrible, but really this is what most of my Creatures look like when they don’t have enough fur on.

Horrible likes swimming and nuzzling your ankles with its floppy-fuzzy face tentacles.

Self portrait

I was going to doodle yesterday but we went to the beach and there were Creatures in the Sand and they sang a magic song and I transformed into a weird Doublebeast with scuttly non-prehensile claws and then I went home and fell into bed

Turning into stuff is tiring is the moral of this story