Had another look and it’s not too bad- though I have been told I look a bit like I’d been hit in the face with a Womble. Possibly after having been dressed by one…

Upside down, yeah you turn me

…Inside out aaaand round and round.

Yes, I made a mess of a creature and so tried turning it upside down. Still a mess but I think the head is more interesting? I like the idea of crab legs waving uselessly on its back and feathery antennae things sweeping the ground.


You know that bit where the two cowboys meet at dawn for a duel and there is tumbleweed and quick-drawing of pistols etc… this is the pot plant version.

Aka Look Ma, I can make today’s doodle in under 10 minutes!

Pebbles I have loved- or, an explanation of all pop songs ever

Finding the perfect pebble- the one that fits in your hand like it was made for it, or the one that you can get to skip TEN TIMES before it sinks, or the one with the weird squiggles like an alien alphabet that speaks just to you- it’s a perfect love story. And despite what you might think, it’s a story we hear all the time.

The next time a song comes up on the radio, know that it is secretly about pebbles. They all are. They always have been. Every. Single. One.