22_01_2016I guess the triceratopses don’t know about notoceratopses or they wouldn’t let them in their herds; they must just think he is slightly odd. Or maybe he’s just come back from deep undercover as a tyrannosaurus and it’s taking him a while to get back to normal again?

…Do tyrannosauruses think they look like triceratopses in spy gear?

*runs off to find a paleontologist*



So I am pleased to announce that there is such thing as a  Notocolossus, but this one is *definitely* a colossus and pleased about it.  Also, free advice: should you meet a Notocolossus, do not try to feed it apples. Not so much because you will lose a hand as that you will lose a torso!

Kind people have also informed me of the existence of a Notoceratops, which I choose to believe is what happens when triceratopses turn spy.

Otto and Iris

In shining technicolour, woo! Otto was done just with the blend tool, then I figured out the dodge/burn tool for me. I even sort of figured out how to fix the guidelines for me (er,myself), though sadly I forgot to fix the hat placement before doing all the colouring in!

To compare:


Btw, is there a way of drawing straight lines on Gimp? Photoshop, I mean. I think they’re largely the same.


14_01_2016Okay I lied, but this is definitely the last! Only the Seljuks were so super happy about having all this Byzantine land that they wanted to call themselves the Seljuks of Rome, but due to pronunciation issues it turned into the Seljuks of Rum instead, and this must be celebrated. I also figure this is the reason they got overrun by Mongols in the end; too busy doing Jack Sparrow impressions to fight properly.