no toes

20_11_2015no nose either. iiiiiif moses supposes his toesies are roses, moses supposes erroneously; for nobody’s toesies are poesies of roses as moses supposes his toesies to be. making the creature’s name moses i guess.

Tree! (And dragon again)


So today was the Fairy Tale Fair, the dragon got to hoard some necklaces and Bags of Holding and the tree got to hold lots of flowers, which it was highly pleased with what with feeling a bit naked without any leaves or anything. The dragon is back because a) I like it and b) I gave it a dark wash to make the silver swirly bits stand out more and also make it look more tree stump-y (it’s supposed to look like a tree-dragon… treegon?) so I think it looks better. Also to reward it since some of its hoard got sold but it didn’t flame anyone. Way to go, dragon!

Purely theoretical

14_11_2015So this is what I imagine you get when a stegomoth has a fling with a tyrannosaurus and the resultant offspring really likes ladybirds… Not that either of the stegomoth pair in the last picture did! Even if stegomoths didn’t pair for life, that was a child tyrannosaurus, it was about the same age as the other kids, a bit big for its age but only a baby. Not that I am stopping stegomoths from interbreeding if they want to, it just didn’t actually happen. Yet.