Happy Gnu Year!

Scan_20180102 (2) I am not sure why we are so invested in the happiness of gnus – perhaps because they’re just a bit pitiful when they are morose? Anyway, here’s hoping 2018 will bring them and you lots of hay, sunshine, rainbows, and all the good things of this world.

In other gnus, after a longer hiatus than ever intended, I am herewith resuming my daily doodles  – and refusing to let any bad gnus deter me! Wish me luck. ^_^

8 thoughts on “Happy Gnu Year!

  1. Is that you appreciating the grey January effect, or just forgetting about tweaking the contrast after all this time? 😛


  2. Ha, actually I decided I sort of liked the grey January effect (though I was thinking of it as a Winter in England effect) after my computer mucked it up and I couldn’t fix it. So… yes to both!


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